Monday, August 18, 2008


Following up on my last post, I received a great response from sprouts about a fantastic blogroll with tons of links to blogs by women going through similar experiences. I can't wait to check all these out. Thanks sprouts!


sprouts said...

you are most welcome!

Care said...

Hi! Popping over from Mel's virtual bar to say hello. I'm a single Mom by choice with three (yes I'm insane) boys. I post on a SMC forum (not associated with the national SMC group) here:
I was a member of the national group for a while, and when I lived in OH, was part of a fairly active group that planned get togethers and such. Now, in OK, single Moms - at least single Moms by choice - are a rarity. I've sinced dropped off the lists and let my membership lapse, but they do have very active groups and can also provide you names of other local or regional SMCs.