Friday, April 16, 2010

6 week smiles!

Here we are at 6 weeks! Unbelievable!!

The 5th week was really hard. O had some gas issues and cried for a few days inconsolably. They seem to have passed (literally/figuratively ha ha)...or at least he has gotten better at managing them, by which I mean he still has the gas but now knows how to, er, get rid of it. Apparently around this age is when they learn that kind of thing, as in putting together the sensation with what to do with it. Yes, I'm breastfeeding so the question is what is making him gassy? Well it could be near anything. I have a very healthy diet but certainly there is dairy and wheat...all that. Can't imagine having to change everything right now. One thing I've already learned in this 6 weeks is to not jump to conclusions---kind of wait things out, since he is changing every single day and next week, or tomorrow, a problem might resolve itself or a new one might emerge. As I get to know his cries and his reactions it's easier to make the call (at first I wanted to call the pediatrician literally every day!). I'm getting more calm. Although I admit that those inconsolable days were very very hard. I need to have a mantra during those times to get me through. When we come out on the other end feeling happy and adorable (him, not me), it's all worth it and completely amazing. Sometimes I still can't believe I have a wonderful cuddly snuggly baby. I keep saying to people "isn't he the cutest?" which must be a little bit annoying. But I can't help it.

I'm trying to stay active and I'm proud to state the following milestones: breastfeeding in public (check), grocery shopping (check), attending a social event (check), keeping several appointments on time (check), finalizing the day care options (check-ish), beginning to look into babysitters (semi-check). I'm attending a new moms group (fun/helpful), and "mom and baby yoga" and taking an infant massage class (I think the massage has helped his gas). I am so glad to have almost 3 more months at home with this little guy. There is so much bonding yet to be done. Yay.

In mid-May I'm going to Chicago...yes, with the baby. I'm totally nervous about traveling (just think of all the STUFF), but my darling mother has offered to meet me there for child care (it's a work thing--the only obligation I have during my maternity leave). I'm so grateful to her. We'll see how it goes! Any tips for traveling with infants most welcome!

I'm so excited to be following everyone's stories when I can, but not the best commenter these days. xoxo