Monday, August 18, 2008

Too much information?

Wow, I'm feeling really overwhelmed.

I checked out many of the great blogs on the blogroll, mentioned in my previous posts. I am blown away by the things women are going through (particulary, IVF) in order to have children.

Yet now, as I sit here with a pit in my stomach, I don't know if it's helpful. I'm still at the early, optimistic stage of things. It seems as if that's where everyone started. But now, so many of them have been trying for years. One woman had even sold her home and was living with her family in order to fund her fertility treatments.

It makes me wonder if I am up for all this. Maybe it's BETTER to go into it somewhat blind. Who says knowledge is power? How about ignorance is bliss!? I think it's important that I begin this journey with as much optimism as possible.

Obviously, this new-found community could be very helpful to me, as well. I just need to ease into things.


Jess said...

Hi again, I'm reading from the bottom up. There are lots of single (and partnered!) women who have trouble conceiving...but there are also tons who conceive easily and quickly so don't give up hope!! I am a member of Single Mothers by Choice which affords one the chance to post and receive emails from the SMC community, and to attend monthly meetings. I have heard LOTS of women saying they got pregnant on their first attempt (unfortunately, it takes some of us longer). So again, don't let the possible challenge of it discourage you. If you choose to pursue this, that is. I will keep reading....

Meg said...

I just found your blog and wanted to say that you are so not alone!

Sure folks are having trouble but just as many get lucky on their first try.

It is overwhelming but all that knowledge is power! There are some things that you can start now while you are trying to decide if this path is for you 1)start taking your temp every morning and charting your cycle 2)Run don't walk to the doctor and have a fertility check up. If they do find anything then you can start working on fixing things now instead of wasting precious time later.

Good Luck on this journey!