Monday, September 15, 2008

My First Appointment!

I went to my first consult with an RE today. I really liked the doctor, and the clinic seemed wonderful. I was very pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they made me feel about being a single mom wanna-be (basically this consisted of not flinching when I told them my status). I could feel that it was a bit unusual for them (the nurse kept saying "your partner" and then apologetically correcting herself). What I like about the doctor is that he clearly looks upon me as a fascinating new case or problem that he wants to figure out and solve. I like that analytical approach.

The only weird thing is that the nurse asked me if I am gay. I thought that was a bit irrelevant.

And I got what I think is some good news, although I shouldn't get my hopes up. I showed the doctor some LOVELY pictures I have of my innards, taken during my laparoscopy in 2002. The pics show my uterus and fallopian tubes in all their glory. He explained to me (as my surgeon never did!) that in 2002 none of the endometrium had implanted on either my uterus or my tubes (only on the cavity walls and intestines). He said my tubes looked "beautiful." Of course the pictures are from 5 years ago, and who knows what's going on inside those tubes, but hey, I'll take whatever encouragement I can get.

I am going off the pill and I will be scheduling an HSG and SHG in the next cycle, plus blood work. I had no idea they could estimate how many eggs we have (or did I understand that wrong)? My insurance will cover these tests since the diagnosis is still "endometriosis." So that's good. Despite the lecture the Doc gave me about how "old" my eggs are, my chances for birth defects and miscarriages, and all that good stuff, I feel positive. I am pretty sure I never would've had the courage to make this first appointment if not for the blogging community, so thank you thank you.

I haven't spoken to Matthew again since last Friday night; I think I'm going to make a trip to Brooklyn so that we can talk in person.


Meg said...

Sounds like lots of positive news! Those two tests aren't so bad just be sure to take 800mg of advil an hour before the procedure. I had them both on the same day and was able to go back to work right after.

Isn't it exciting to have some forward movement and a plan!

Jess said...

It's so great that you are moving forward! Things sound positive with the medical stuff...can't wait to hear how it all goes moving forward.

And as for the man...I think it's amazing that you asked him to be the donor (and that he said yes!). I will enjoy reading how you navigate all this complicated and important stuff!