Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grams and Pops

Grams and Pops---those are the names that my nephews call my parents.

During my parents' visit last week, we didn't really have much time together. They visited during the week and I couldn't take any time off. I did manage to fit in a talk with my mom after my dad went to bed. I've talked to her about having a child on my own before, but not with so much conviction. She is somewhat scared for me, I think. She has a tendency to focus on the practicalities, almost to a fault. She is most worried about the financials (probably with good reason). Still, I didn't want to talk about all that. I just wanted her to say she supports me, that she will love her grandchild with all her heart no matter how she or he is conceived. I think she finally got that--I felt very comforted after the talk.

So of course my mother told my dad the next day while I was at work. They tried to bring it up at a nice restaurant the next night (I put them off). My mom kept pushing my dad to say something to me (she thinks I don't notice those large-eyed 'say something'! looks she gives him). He did say that he loves me and supports me. I said, thank you--that's all I need right now.

But I must say it was so sweet, when I returned home from work the day they left, they had left me a card. It said, "Live your Dreams!" And then my mom wrote, "Looking forward to much happiness in your life---Love, Grams and Pops." I sobbed.


Billy said...

Wow, how lovely of your dad to say how much he loves and supports you!
And the card.... sweet indeed!

Jess said...

Ugh, I commented last night but I must not have pushed the "post" button or something :(

Just wanted to say that your post totally made me tear's so nice that your parents are accepting of this. It takes some people a while to come around but it sounds like your parents are already on board!

I wondered also how YOU are feeling...I found that telling my family made it so much more real, even though I'd already been trying for months.

Can't wait to continue to follow your journey, and to hear more about pkd as that all unfolds! :)

Starr Morgan said...

That story made me cry!!! How nice to have your parents support!

WaterBishop said...

Oh that is sweet. brought tears to my eyes.