Monday, June 29, 2009

The test this morning was a definite negative. I probably tested too early, but I still don't hold much hope for this cycle.

Now I will proceed to obsess over why I didn't have my mid-cycle cramps this cycle. I wonder if perhaps I never ovulated at all. See, doing this "blind" will lead to these questions.

It's hard having one's hopes dashed. Is that just the understatement of the year, or what?

I guess I'll be drinking at the family reunion. Good ole' spinster aunty Jo makes her appearance, once again.


Meg said...

It's still early so don't give up yet!

Calliope said...

sorry for the early negative- but still hoping like a mofo for you, sweetie!

Anonymous said...

It's early, early. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...'s EARLY! :) Keep the faith! xo

Jo said...

ok, keeping the faith, for now! but with less faithiness than before.

Billy said...

Probably too early :-)
Still hoping for you!