Saturday, June 20, 2009

Practical things keep us busy!

Well, I'm all inseminated up and ready for the big TWW. I feel strangely calm about the whole thing! My main focus right now is to think about what things I should be cutting out and changing in my life. I started weening myself from my daily glass of wine about 2 weeks ago...caffeine, not so much. One cup a day.

One of the things that I obsess over is how I would clean the darn cat-box while/if I'm pregnant. You know, the whole toxoplasmosis thing. And being the only one in the house and all. I'm sure I'm an overworrier, since my cat is essentially an indoor cat. But still--seems like if I can avoid inhaling cat litter dust every night, I should. So I totally splurged on the most bizarre appliance you'll ever see---the! It is hilarious--it scoopes, washes, and flushes everything from the box and down your toilet all by itself. It's fantastic! Bartleby (also known as Rey de la Casa) is not quite used to it yet, but we're taking it slow.

And today I'm off to get a filter for my kitchen sink. Corresponding with my ttc has been a whole bunch of leaflets about lead in the water. Nice.

The hardest thing by far is the lack of antihistamines. I am dying. Any suggestions?

As for the TWW, I have a good friend's 40th birthday party tonight---big dance party, lots of drinks. I haven't told this particular friend and I'm not planning to (yet), so I'll have to figure that out (since I'm usually heading straight for the bar). Also, I'm supposed to go to my yearly family gathering on 12 dpo (testing day). Could be an interesting family reunion this year!

Off to the hardware store...


Meg said...

I'm so excited for you to finally be moving forward! Go Jo!!

Bartelby is a cutie! I had a friend who trained her cats to use the toilet. No more kitty litter! When visiting her it was the strangest thing to have to wait in line for the bathroom behind a cat.

Do you usually do mixed drinks? You can ask order one minus the alcohol and ask the bartender to put it in the usual drink glass. Margarita with no rita!

Billy said...

Oh, how exciting!! Crossing all my fingers for you!

Regarding the toxo... it is only passed directly, i.e your hand touches cat's feces (sorry about being graphic) and then goes into your mouth. Basic hygiene (washing your hands after changing the sand, using gloves) should be enough. You can't get toxo by inhaling it. [and as you said, the cat is an indoor cat so less of the worry of he having it].
What I would be careful about is uncooked foods at restaurants, for example a salad that was cut on a board that was used beforehand to cut infected meat and wasn't washed in between the preperation of the two dishes.

He (she?) is a real cute cat!

Genkicat said...

Congratulations on your first insemination! I so hope it works for you. Fingers are crossed.

And your kitty is very, very cute. Don't obsess over toxoplasmwhatchamacallit. As Billy said it is passed directly, AND if you keep the box clean every day, any of those nasty little spores won't have time to develop into anything dangerous. I'm still cleaning my kitty's box. Just washing my hands well afterwards, and making sure it is cleaned out every day.

Hope the 2ww is speedy!

Dora said...

YAY for being inseminated.

Re toxo, you should get tested for it. It's relatively harmless unless you contract it DURING pregnancy. So if you've already had it, you're safe. Personally, I just wear extra long rubber gloves and wear a dust mask while doing the litter.

Oh, and no one can tell that your club soda with lime has no gin or vodka in it.

Re antihistamines, my high risk OB says Claritin is safe during pregnancy.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Kitty is adorable! And that genie thing is too cool! I had to look it up after I read your post. I, like Dora, wear long rubber gloves and a dust mask during my 2wws.

Fingers crossed for you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Is this your first insem? My midwife told me to cover my face if I have to clean the litter box while I'm preggo. I plan on wearing a medical face mask (you know, the kind they wear in surgery?).

I'd love to see a pic of the Catgenie--never heard of one SCOOPING INTO THE TOILIE! That's cool. :)

Jess said...

I'm late in reading this. Hope the wait is going okay. Fingers crossed!!

Meg said...

One week down! How are you doing?
Has the crazy obsessing started yet?