Saturday, June 6, 2009

CD2 of "The Big Month" !

Yesterday was CD1!

I met with the midwife last Tuesday. She was a real sweetheart. I am not her usual client. She is most often working for lesbian couples and teaching them how to do their own home IUIs. Since I don't have the option of having a partner to help, she would perform it in her office. Logistically, it's a bit difficult, as my donor has to travel from NY, and the midwife is 40 miles away. It was nice talking with her because of all the successes (including her own pregnancy) performed via home IUI or ICI! Hers in fact was ICI from frozen sperm.

Because of the logistics, and because I feel the need to start slowly (and admittedly, I still harbor some fear about the IUI, given my strange reaction to the HSG last November) I decided to start the easy way and do a home insem for the first cycle. Folks, I know there is a very low chance that this will actually take, but at this point I prefer to remain optimistic. Why shouldn't I?

The midwife is definitely a good option for the future, and waaaaaay cheaper than doctor IUIs. I would have to pay almost $2,000 out of pocket for a doctor IUI (vs. $250 for the midwife). Remember, all, I live in a mandate state where I get 0.00% coverage for any fertility treatments because of my single status. (news flash, there was actually a proposal in the state assembly last week to change this mandate! but it never went to a vote because of assurances that the nazi governor of my state--who's in office for 2 more years--would veto it).

I have been charting my cycle for months now, and I can usually feel when I'm ovulating, too. I'll be using an OPK. My donor has cleared his schedule for the window. This is happening!

And one last thing: has anyone ever heard this little bit of folklore? The midwife mentioned it but then I got this from W.iki "answers" : The X sperm (which are the sperm that make females) live longer than the Y sperm (which are the sperm that make males). However, the Y sperm swim faster, so the chances are equally good that you will get a girl or a boy. If the Y sperm swim fast enough before they die to fertilize the egg, then you'll have a boy. If the Y sperm don't reach the egg before they die, chances are an X sperm will get there shortly, and then you'll have a girl.

The midwife told me that the above explains why people who artifically inseminate have more boys: because they inseminate exactly when they are ovulating, the fast sperm (boy) tends to reach the egg. For those who inseminate (or have intercourse), say, the day or hour or whatever before ovulation, they have a better chance of getting the longer living (girl) sperm.

I never knew that. Do you believe it?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on CD1! Onward!

I have heard that about the sperm. Timing is never exact, even with IUI, but I believe it.

Good luck with this cycle!! I'm glad you like the midwife.

And yes, I think you might be right - my friend just may be a little jealous of my (our) baby making ambitions! :)

Genkicat said...

How exciting! And there is absolutely no reason for you to be optimistic. Many people get pregnant right away, and there is no reason why you won't.

I had heard of the boy/girl thing too. I wonder if there is any sort of distinction with IVF since they are all put in the petri dish with the egg at the same time? Hmmmm.... going to google that now.

My fingers are crossed for you!

Billy said...

Wow, how exciting!!!

And why low chance it will actually take? As far as I know, with fresh sperm success rates are higher :-).

About the sperm 0 heard about the girls living longer than the boys, but not the second part about how fast they swim. So more likely of having a boy? Oh well..

Meg said...

Exciting stuff! I've got everything crossed that you get lucky on your first try!