Thursday, June 18, 2009

When to Test?

Today I got the big smiley face on my OPK, so it's time for the first home insem. Holy Moly! And Aiy Caramba!

So, I'm a bit slow, internets, and honestly, overwhelmed by all the info out there. When should I do my first pregnancy test if I insem tonight and tomorrow (3 insems)? Would it be a home test (POAS) day 12 after insem? Or should I make a doctor's appointment for a blood test earlier than that?


Meg said...


When to test depends on you. Will seeing BFN's on too early tests make the wait worse or would the slight chance of getting a BFP on 8dpiui be worth the more likely BFN's? Your body won't start producing HcG until implantation (approx 6-10 days after fertilization). The most sensitive poas tests won't show a positive unless there is 20ish ml of HcG present. I used to start testing 8dpiui but that was way way too early. I was using dollar store tests so it wasn't too expensive but seeing the BFN's started to get too rough. Now I hold out until 10 more like 12 dpiui. I would say blood test no sooner than 14 dpiui.

So excited for you! I hope you have first timers luck!

Some links to obsess over during your TWW:

cmay said...

Meg gave great advice.
Good luck!!!

Jo said...

Thanks, Meg! very helpful.

Anonymous said...

I would wait until at least 12dpo. Hoping for you!!