Thursday, November 6, 2008

Six Steps Forward

First I just want to say that the last two days have been amazing...I am so proud to live in America. The stories on the news about people and their reactions to Obama's success keep me constantly teary-eyed.

So I've been researching and researching and listening to other bloggers and reading and here are the things that seem really pertinent to my situation at the moment:

1. I need to get a signed contract with my PKD before we ttc.

This is in the works. I am the lucky sister of a brilliant law professor. I hadn't talked to him about my situation until last week, when I decided it was time to get him involved with the legal side of things. He was shocked, but immediately open and supportive. He told me he thought I would be a wonderful mother. Such a good thing to hear. He also told me that we need to get the legal thing pinned down. He has now sent my sample contract out to numerous colleagues who he hopes will comment on it. I will be more than happy to share the results with the SMC community. Did I say I love my older brother? He is a sweet guy.

2. Trying home insems may lead to months of frustration

Yea, I'm aware of this, and at my age, every month counts. So, I started to look into how I could move on to IUIs, but with LIVE UNQUARANTINED SPERM rather than the frozen stuff, and found that

3. This isn't possible in Rhode Island

Yea, the FDA has a problem with this. However, there are some states (like NY, CA, MA, go figure) where live unquarantined sperm can be used from a directed donor, so...

4. Lucky me, I live next to one of the most liberal states in the union, Massachusetts!

In Massachusetts, it turns out, midwives can perform IUIs. They wash the sperm and then do the procedure for the SMALLEST PERCENTAGE of what it would cost me at the RE, with the added benefit of being a fresh specimen.

How cool is that?

5. I currently have an inquiry in to a MA midwife.

6. This is going to work. I am psyched. Knocking on wood here.

Please don't burst my bubble. :)


Meg said...

That was a very sweet thing for your brother to say. It's so great that he's being so helpful.

Sounds like you are really grooving along with your plan! Good for you!

I'm in the process of looking for a midwife type in MA myself. Did you just look in the phonebook or did you get some recommendations?

Jess said...

First of all, your brother is freaking awesome.

Second, I love how this SMC process, no matter how different the details of the journey might be for each of us, mobilizes us to do whatever we have to do to seek out the baby we've always wanted. It's pretty beautiful.

I love to see you moving forward and I wish you all the very best along the way!!! No bubble bursting from me!! :)

Dora said...

You go, girl! YAY bro! Way to make favorite uncle.

Sounds like you're really doing your homework and building a great team. I hope we're both pregnant soon!

Billy said...

Your brother sounds like a great guy!

And... it is going to work, because - yes you can!!

Starr Morgan said...

No bubble bursting from me!! I love to see how proactive you are being and really moving forward! It is the ones that want it soooo bad that make the greatest Moms. Sounds like you have a great brother, too. It is so important to have family support and it sounds like you do! Kudos to you for getting things done!