Saturday, August 1, 2009

Nurse Visit and Prenatal Testing

I had a great nurse visit---she was fantastic! She made me feel so comfortable, didn't blink an eye at my 'situation.' Said everything I need to hear. A real sweetheart. She made me feel comfortable with the OB practice as a whole.

I've decided to do the CVS testing. Both the nurse and the doctor said many reassuring things about the benefits vs the risks. There is one doctor who does it at the hospital and they say his success rate (by which I mean procedures accomplished without miscarriage), is way way higher than the national average. He basically does CVS and amnio all day long. We do have really good health care in this state, because of a great university hospital. Yay for that. So that will all be happening some time during my 10th or 11th week, about 2 weeks from now. I feel good about it.

I told a friend about my pregnancy, someone who recently had twins. She was SO happy for me--it felt great. Then she said: "one of my best friends did that, and it's the thing that's made her happiest in her life." Oh. my. goodness. What a lovely thing to say.

Off to a camping trip this weekend (rain rain stay away).


Dora said...


Re "He basically does CVS and amnio all day long."

That's EXACTLY what you want. Makes all the difference! You and the little one will be fine.

Heather said...

Congrats, Jo, on the ultrasound! My next appt. is this Wednesday, and I'll be asking about both CVS and amnio at that time because I really want more info about both. I can't believe that testing (for both of us!) is right around the corner!!

Jess said...

You sound so happy and at's wonderful! Your CVS will be fine. Will you ask about the gender??


That's great news! I think you'll find that as you tell more and more people, you will find that they are very may get some surprised and confused looks at first, but everyone loves a baby. The pregnancy is the most awkward time for "explaining." Once you have the baby, all the attention is focused on that beautiful little new person.

Meg said...

Have fun camping!
I went last week and the weather was perfect (not hot!).

I'm still undecided on the CVS testing - mostly because I'm a huge baby about needles.

cmay said...

Having a baby was the BEST decision for me too. It has brought GREAT happiness and joy. I only wished I'd have done it sooner.
You will find that you will NEVER regret creating your family. It's such a blast. Everyday's an adventure. Enjoy yourself.