Sunday, August 30, 2009

97 years of wisdom

I just have to post this. I think this it is the sweetest note I have ever received.

My mom wanted to wait to tell my grandparents until after the CVS (yes--I still have TWO living grandparents--my mother's parents--ages 97 and 95). They live clear across the country and I do not see them nearly enough. My mom decided to email them the news, because they have trouble understanding things on the phone sometimes. This is the message I received this morning over email (written by my grandpa, I'm sure).

"I got yesterdays mail today and it had wonderful news. We have seen pictures of you with Andy's babies and realize your love. You will be an excellent mother and this will fill a void in your life. We are glad you made the decision and are looking forward to another grand child. We send our love. Grandma and Grandpa"

I can't tell you what this means to me. Having family support is THE most important thing (and actually feeling that support has been something I've come to really treasure on a daily basis). I never thought my 90+ grandparents would understand, and yet this email shows that they understand on the simplest, most basic level. And what else is there, really, but love? To have a 97 year-old person express that to me means everything.


Calliope said...

this totally made me weepy. What a sweet note. (& I LOVE that your Grandparents e-mail!!)

cmay said...

Wow. How wonderful. Something to include in the baby book! I'm planning to make a nicely bound book with words and pictures of the story of my son's birth. He's six now so I better get on it. I want to make it like a bed time story. I know others that have done that kind of story telling and it's often their child's favorite story to hear. Pictures along with your GPs words are priceless.
Very cool that your grandparents do email!

Anonymous said...

How absolutely adorable! I got a little teary reading it. They are very sweet and you are so very lucky. :)


That is SO sweet! Both of my parents are dad passed away when I was three months pregnant with my first child -- he never knew. I do know how important family support is! Also know, however, that if you ever run into anyone who is not 100% supportive, once you are a mom, the children will be loved unconditionally! So sweet.

Dora said...

That's awesome. Definitely one for the baby book!

Meg said...

So sweet! Your grandparents are too cute. I agree that the note belongs in the baby book :)

I've been pleasantly suprised at how supportive and excited my older family members have been. My 80something years young grandmother guessed artificial insemination all on her own and was tickled by the idea.