Saturday, May 2, 2009

We Know Her Well

I'm done with all the crazy wackiness at work! I now have free time. And yet...not so much to fill it with. The terrible truth of the workaholic.

The thing with 3rd time guy TOTALLY self-combusted. As I should have predicted. As many of my friends predicted. I actually feel relieved. But I'm glad I gave it every effort. I now have no regrets.

I will admit, only to my blogosphere, and now that I have some distance, that I was pushing it almost wholly out of desperation for not being sure about the whole SMC thing. This is what happens. Yes, it's far better to do it alone than with someone who is totally not right for me. I know that, intellectually. But when I get into that state of uncertainty I convince myself of all kinds of crazy wacky things.

I know I'll never end up with the wrong guy, though, for the long term. The reason is that unhappy, unsatisfied Jo is a very unpleasant person. Not many men, not any man, would be able to hang with that. It probably feels somewhat like a never-ending teeth cleaning. Jo, the evil dental hygienist.

Back to the good ole alone Jo. We know her so well.


cmay said...

It's good to live with no regrets. I'm glad to followed #3 to the end. Being a SMC isn't choice #1, but now that I've been here 5 years, it's really a nice space to be in. Contented. Although I will admit I just joined to see if I can scare up a date or two. (haven't had a date in many years!) At a minimum it well generate some good stories to tell my friends--and you never know! I might meet someone fantastic.
Follow you heart and do what needs doing--make a baby or find a date or both. :)

Meg said...

Hooray for more free time!

I so hear you on pushing forward with a not so great relationship just so you won't have to go it alone. I wasted lots of time trying to make that square peg fit in a triangle. Happy satisfied Jo is so much better!

Choicemumtobe said...

Hi Jo

I so hear you. I have just been through visiting the romantic idea(l) of the x too. It's been really pinful but necessary I think. I'm ready to look forward again without looking back. In fact I had my first IUI last week. Maybe I'll be a mum in January :)