Saturday, November 21, 2009

The dreaded SI syndrome

Ok, so it's not the worst thing that can happen during pregnancy. But it sure is darn painful, and it sure does affect pretty much everything. I have Sacroiliac joint pain. It's the joint that holds together the pelvis and the tailbone, and yes, it's the one that bears almost all of one's body weight. It started completely out of nowhere! And by last Saturday I was flat on my back and then wincing, crying with pain when I tried to do things such as: get things out of the fridge, put on shoes, get into/out of the car, descend stairs, oh yes, and walk. So just that kind of thing. Nothing important, really. Needless to say single Jo did not get around to taking out the garbage, the recycling, doing laundry, or cleaning the cat box for the last several days. Yea, my condo is looking GOOD.

2 rounds of physical therapy and I am feeling a bit better. I can't tell you how divine it felt to have someone forcefully push my pelvis back into place. Ahhhh. I'm worried about doing pretty much anything to aggravate this again (and I have 3-1/2 more months to go), even yoga. Not sure why I am susceptible to this. I am slim, healthy and athletic, but perhaps that's the issue--I may've put too much strain on my back in the past, and, I may be doing too much now. Not sure.

I do know that I NEED TO GET BETTER AT ASKING FOR HELP. Last weekend was ridiculous. I just sat there feeling sorry for myself. My neighbor surely would have offered a hand, at least with the garbage. But did I ask? No, of course not. Doesn't bode well when it comes to baby....let's just say it's something to work on.

In other news, I've narrowed down to 2 doulas, who I will "interview" and then hire one. I went to a doula "meet and greet" and was so impressed with the generally caring attitude of these women, who just seem to love the process of birth.


Meg said...

Oh no! I'm glad that you are feeling better. I have a hard time asking for help too. I'm working on it though!

Heather said...

Ouch!! I'm so sorry! I can relate, since my PSD pain (the front joint instead of the back) is getting worse. I overdid it yesterday (too much walking) and last night I was basically hobbling around. I find it hard to ask for help, too, which I think I need to get over for after the baby arrives! It's so hard though. But congrats on (almost) finding a doula!!


Sorry to hear about the SI syndrome! I hope it doesn't come back! And, I too totally understand about the asking for help part. We ARE women, after all! We can do anything, right!? I still have a problem with it, but will ask in extreme cases. Even when everyone is constantly telling me that if I need any help to just call....I just can't do it...except in extreme circumstances. When the baby comes, you will, least in extreme cases.

Oh, and get used to the messy house! Now that I have kids, it is VERY hard to keep it neat! I have a cleaning lady come once a week, and I wish it were three times a week! Hope you are feeling better.

Genkicat said...

Yikes! That does not sound good at all! How are you managing at work? Please ask for help - you deserve it, and I'm sure if people knew you needed help, but you didn't ask, they would feel even worse. Give them a chance to step up - I bet they all will! Take care of yourself.