Monday, December 15, 2008

One More Reason to Start Soon

I recently applied for a job in California. I lived in California for 11 years before moving to the East Coast for a job. I *really* miss California; I have many close friends there; in many ways I feel like it is my true home, even though I grew up in the Midwest. I also have real issues with the state I live in now, (read: insurance laws, insemination laws, corrupt government, you name it!) and would love to live somewhere more progressive. And prettier.

But it's been such a quandry, because the job and move, if I got it (and I think I am a good contender) would cut right into the whole "schedule." It was crazy for me not to apply, because I want to end up in CA, and I work in such a ridiculously specialized field that this is one of TWO jobs in the Bay Area that I would ever take.

Not to mention selling my condo right now would be a niiiightmare.

Plus, I checked, and the institution doesn't give maternity benefits until a year of employment. That would be a major problem if I arrived pregnant. (But they also provide up to 1/2 funding for an adoption--pretty amazing!) I've found that good policies for gay couples usually = good policies for SMCs, as well.

I know, I'm putting the cart way before the horse but if I am anything, it's a planner. It's a compulsion of mine that I consider absolutely every eventuality of a situation.

So I think this has been quietly weighing on my decision of when to begin. Well,...they contacted me today to say that they had to suspend the search due to budget cuts. They told me that I am definitely in contention but that it may be a year or two before they re-open. This is GOOD news! [read: financial crisis over (?); baby in hand (knock on wood)].

What this means is, no more dawdling for heaven's sake! Get going with the pregnancy, I say to myself! (And to my cat. He agrees).

I'm looking at Feb. for my first cycle. I am brimming with expectation!


Anonymous said...

Jo, that's awesome! February sounds like a great month and the timing sounds perfect. You must feel great to have this plan in place! :)

Dora said...

YAY!! You should come down to NYC before I go for my FET in January, so we can have a few drinks!

Billy said...

Good you have now another reason to start soon :-)
And how exciting!!

FilmFlam said...
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Calliope said...

February is so right around the corner. Fantastic news!
Plans are the best.

Jess said...

Super exciting Jo! It must feel nice to have things be falling into place. February will be here in a heartbeat!

Starr Morgan said...

Woo Hoo!! That is so soon! I hope you get the baby AND the job!! Good luck over the next couple months anticipating your start date!

Choicemumtobe said...

Hi Jo
I'm Rachael and I've just found your blog. I've been in the same conundrum - wanting to start TTC ASAP but wanting to finish my masters degree before I do. I had a couple of goes at TBing in Oct/Nov and after 2 BFNs decided I'm going to hold off til I complete my last placement in May and then start through a cinic.

Not looking forward to the the wait but I know I'll feel *alot* better going into this with a great qualification!

Look forward to following your journey (from Australia!).

Best wishes for Feb!

Choicemumtobe said...

Hi Jo

Thanks so much for the offer of your contract. We've actually already made a contract but it doesn't look like we'll need it now anyway cause I've decided to go through a clinic and by doing so my friend 'officially' becomes a donor. :)