Saturday, December 6, 2008


Update: my cat caught the mouse! I am filled with pride at the awesome powers of Charlie the cat, and yet horrified at the presence of said mouse. Are there more?

He wasn't dead. I put him in a bag, carried him downstairs, and dumped him in the back yard. Was that stupid? Will he be dumb enough to return?

Poor little guy.


Billy said...

Thank-you for not killing it and for setting it free.
Maybe next time you should go a bit further than your own back yard, but do hope he's lerned his lesson - in that house there's a cat! and so he won't come back.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised there was a mouse in a house where a cat lives. I thought they could sense kitty and stayed away. Hopefully he won't come back and will tell his friends to stay away too!! You are very brave to bag him and carry him outside. I don't know what I would have done!

Pepper said...

You are a brave one, indeed! I would've screeched like a banshee and called on a male neighbor. I don't like the meeces. No way, no how.

The mouse got in through a crack or space somewhere. In order to keep him from getting back in you'll have to find the hole, which can be as small as a dime. If they can get their noses through it, they can squeeze their entire bodies through.

There's stuff in a spray can you can get from a hardware store that you spray in these cracks and expands to fill them. Or you can try stuffing steel wool in them because the meeces don't like to chew on that stuff.

And what a good kitty you have! Makes me want to get a cat too.