Friday, February 5, 2010

If only my cat could give me a foot massage

35 weeks. Boy, do my feet hurt. Especially because I can no longer wear my special shoes!

So, I took a tumble a couple days ago. There I was, walking down the street in my new clogs, which take the pressure off my heels and make my feet feel good. Little did I know that it's hard to get used to them at first...apparently a lot of people trip and fall because they aren't used to taking the weight off their heels. (So yea, I wish the sales lady would've told me that before I shelled out $88!) But anyway...about the fall. I took a misstep and went FLYING. Through the air. And forward. I can't tell you the anguish that went through my mind in that split instant! Awful, just awful. So somehow, instinctually, I managed to hurl myself sideways (thanks yoga?), so that I landed on my hand, the left side of my left knee (yep, tore the trousers), and my left shoulder. Completely missed the belly. Of course, I wasn't sure of that in that instant. It was so dramatic that a car stopped, along with the man walking behind me and several other people. I was, of course, bawling my eyes out (instant reaction for me to just about everything these days). I was so extremely shaken up---mostly from the trauma of thinking I had hurt my baby, not so much the actual pain---that I literally could not work for the rest of the day. Not a pleasant experience.

Anyway, all is well. I completely flattened my glasses case (my glasses weren't inside, thankfully!) and have major bruises and did something weird to my hand, but Fitz is fine, absolutely fine (yes--I called the doc immediately and monitored myself like a hawk!)

But that's the drama. The nice stuff is that my friend M threw me the NICEST baby shower last Sunday! It was a tea and cookies and finger sandwiches affair. It was so nice to be surrounded by supportive women who care about me and my as-yet-arrived little boy! Really, really touching. Yep, got lots of beautiful things. Mostly outfits that I would never splurge on myself. In the meantime, I've received literally bag-loads (many) of hand-me-down clothes. I really do not need to purchase a single item of clothing.

It felt so good. You know, never had the wedding, never had the bridal shower, never had big events that celebrated milestones in my life. (Strangely even my graduations were not big affairs--I attended my PhD graduation without my family--one of the problems with living so scattered from my family). So I must say I thought to myself---enjoy this! It's about damn time.

Now if only I can get someone to give me a nightly foot massage...since the clogs have now been returned to the closet indefinitely...kitty? oh kitty?? Sigh. He prefers it the other way around, and usually gets what he wants.


Billy said...

Ouch! Must have been very frightening! Glad everything is o.k with Fritz. And sorry about the pain.

And glad you had such a great shower! Sounds like you had a great event :-)
For the same reason you mentioned (never really having my own "big" event, no marriage, etc), I am thinking whether to do something after my girl is born (it will also be my 40th...).

MeAndBaby said...

Wow 35 weeks!! Sorry about the fall. So glad you and Fitz are okay.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so glad you're ok! I remember being sooo terrified when I was in a car accident at 28 weeks, it was horrible!
I had the foot swelling problem too, I was wearing flip flops the last month, even though there was still snow on the ground. My cats were useless as well.
Your shower sounds great! It's nice to check off the things on your list, and even nicer that you aren't the one paying for it all!

Calliope said...

oh my goodness!!! so so glad that you BOTH are ok.

and the only thing that saved me in the final weeks was going to the cheapie nail place and getting pedicures. Not for pretty toes but because of the foot rubs!!


Falling is SO scary! I had the hardest time staying vertical with my second pregnancy. It's weird how our balance gets off so much and we don't even realize it. I fell three times within about two weeks when I was about 8 months pregnant. The third time I broke my wrist. It was no fun trying to nurse with a hard cast on my arm! Great to hear that both of you are fine.

And, how sweet of your friend to throw you a party! Sounds like you have LOTS of stuff for Fitz now! I can't believe he's almost here!!!!

Genkicat said...

I was terrified of falling down when I was pregnant. I'm glad you and Fitz are ok.

35 Weeks!!! You guys are almost there.