Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exciting and Not So Exciting

Well, I have three of 'my ladies,' that is, my online ttc ladies, who are currently in a tww. This is very exciting and I would say that March is a very auspicious month...crossing fingers, ladies!

I don't have a huge amount to post about, as I continue to be working my fingers to the bone. This period of having-no-life work will end in late I'm just holding on until then. Unfortunately my body starts to react to the stress. The worst of the worst is the insomnia. Last week I got 3 or 4 hours of sleep on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights. It's pretty much hell...when you know you have so much to do the next day and yet cannot get to sleep. I've tried myriad drugs, over the counter ones (I can't take A.mbien--it freaks me out and makes me whacky). The following do not put me to sleep (but succeed in making me very groggy the next day): T.ylenol Pm, Actifed (it used to work), even muscle relaxers. No dice. I finally tried good ole' natural Mel.atonin last night and got 10 hours. Thank you lord. This is my new best friend.

Strangely, I am pretty functional (although not very cheerful--or pretty) on very little sleep. Maybe I'm practicing for a little one! ?

So, yea, this is what I've been focusing on. Not very exciting, is it? However, the end result of all this work will be a beauoooootiful exhibition and BOOK ! I can't wait to share it!

Social life is a bit off. I had a weird falling out with a friend recently (nothing major, more of mutual moving on from the friendship). However, moving on from one friendship significantly decreases my social life. So my closest friend in town and I decided to take action. We pooled our address books for all those women we've met and thought "I'd like to get to know her better" and started organizing drinks and other events (my friends is really more the organizer, thank god). Tomorrow we're doing a very Sex & the City-style brunch with some new lady friends. It's always good to make new friends, and it makes you realize that there are always interesting people out there if you try. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to cross over to males, at least not in my town, and at least not yet. Numerous address book searches don't seem to uncover any interesting males who would like to go to drinks or brunch.... sigh.

Signing off, cheers !


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the sleep time issues. I lovey my sleep and would be walking into walls with only 4 hours a night! -Yeah, I'm a little worried about this if maybebaby. ;)

What a great idea to get girlfriends together. I hope the brunch is a success. Very cool idea!

Billy said...

Not having enough sleep sucks! And when the next day is a full day, all the worse. Hope this new thing you're taking helps!

And finding all those women and arrangening a brunch - I agree with meandbaby, great way to meet new people!

Meg said...

Thanks for the crossed fingers!

Ugh, not sleeping is the worst. I'm glad that you found a way to get more than a few hours and I hope it keeps working.

I love the idea of getting everyone together for social gatherings! One of them just might have a cute brother or buddy!