Sunday, September 29, 2013

Opportunities and quandaries

So, I am one of four finalists for a very good job. I already have a very good job (one that fits my education, experience, and talents and that is fulfilling and fun), but recently I've started looking around to see if there might be other opportunities that are also appropriate, fulfilling, and fun but that, er, pay better. So last Spring I applied for a job and it is finally in the interviewing stage, a day-long (plus) on-campus interview.

There's no point in really hashing out the pros and cons until an offer is made, but here's the big question: is a significant (I mean a little less than double my current salary) pay increase really worth moving 1/2 way across the country, uprooting myself and my little boy, and starting over?  My number one complaint of the last 8 years in this job, especially the last 3-1/2 since having a child, has been my pay. I dream of having more fiscal freedom (by which I mean not going into debt just to pay for the bare necessities on a monthly basis). Forget about college savings and retirement: this just is NOT happening. And it's starting to really weigh on me.

But since they called me and seemed interested I've been having a true existential crisis. I worry that I am too quick to give up a good thing (see the good qualities of my job above). Not to mention that we are finally, *finally* finding a larger community in this city after 8 years. Owen's new school is awesome, the parents are awesome, and we've already seen a nice increase in our social interactions and friendships. Aside from the cost of living and the winters, the area is great. The job is VERY family friendly. I can leave when I need to. The fact is, the unknowns in a new position (and one that pays more, thus more pressure I suppose) are almost overwhelming to me. I'm not sure I can bring myself to move Owen, either. He is only three, so maybe it's best to do this now if it's going to happen, though.

The other job is within 2 hours driving of family. Currently, I am a good 14 hour drive, or plane ride, to family.

I know, it's impossible. I think I need to focus on the good things about our life and be patient. The money will come. I am hoping for a promotion in the next couple of years and the money will get easier once Owen goes to Kindergarten. I will probably stay here, but the temptation is looming. We shall see. The interview will be very revealing I am sure.

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MeAndBaby said...

Hmm, that is quite a predicament. I was leaning towards telling you I would stay put if I were you until you told me you would be 2 hours from family. Here's a crazy thought - what if during the interview you find a way to ask about the family friendly part? I mean not - "hey, I'm a single mom and might have to leave on short notice" exactly but if there was some other way to say that? Good luck and keep us posted!